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    Pandora’s box Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans

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    Trailer Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans

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Pandora’s box

Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans April 19, 2021 200 2 5

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Totem shares real stories of meaningful change. There are so many kinds of change, and Totem will highlight them one by one.

We’re kicking off the show with our personal story. Since we are asking other people to share their stories of transformation and change, we thought it was only right to tell ours. It’s a love story with the wildest flips and turns you can imagine! It’s a travel story that crosses the ocean blue. It’s a story of reckoning, transformation, grief, and reclaiming. Our story is about moving from the unreal to the real. A story of being entrapped in a secret, then breaking out. It was cathartic and important work, both personally and professionally. With this story, we invite you into the Totem community. We are thrilled to launch our very first episode of Totem. Please join us….

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  1. Alex Sarrigeorgiou on May 10, 2021

    Hi all I’m Alex, I’m writing this review on a rainy day in New York city. Just to say how in awe I was after listening to the first episode of The Totem Podcast. I thought I knew Jamie and Piet’s story and I really didn’t. And I was blown away, not just by their storytelling skills, which I knew were fantastic, but by the vulnerability and the bravery of sharing their personal story in this first episode and starting off the podcast from this really, really open, vulnerable place. It makes me really excited to see how future guests on the podcast are going to open up about their lives.

    I think it’s an opportunity to hear what’s going on beneath the surface, hear what people are going through and how they’re making incredibly powerful decisions to transform their lives. It’s inspiring. It’s a incredible listen and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Kerry Jones on May 10, 2021

    Hi, my name is Kerry I’m a musician and a private chef and a vintage dealer in Portland, Oregon, but I lived with Jamie in New York City for about 10 years. We’ve known each other for about that long, maybe a little bit less. Despite knowing her really well and being one of her best friends, I didn’t know her whole story.

    Listening to the first episode of Totem Podcast was an enlightening and humbling and deeply emotional experience for me because I got to see a side of this woman that I know and love , a side that I didn’t know existed, really, you know. And she was so open and so generous with her story and shared it in such an authentic, real vulnerable way.

    I just know that folks out there that have had similar experiences with abuse and irresponsible parenting and shifting lives, midlife, new chapters, new phases, new surprising chapters and phases, will really resonate with the story and we’ll feel seen and heard and held by it. It touches on so many different aspects of Jamie and of whomever the listener may be. I saw myself in it in my own ways. And that’s the thing about Totem Podcast, I really appreciate the sort of overarching mentality and ethos of it, which is sharing honest, real stories, that everyone can relate to in some way. So I thought it was an excellent first episode.

    Great. Start to get off, too and I can’t wait to listen to the next one.

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